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Japanese German Philharmonic Society

Conducting Masterclass 2024


with Prof. Simeon Pironkoff, University Professor of 

The University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna 

May 3. to May 6. 2024 Saitama Arts Theatre Japan

The Masterclass is open for conducting students, young professional conductors and advanced amateur conductors.

​Prupose of the Master Class:

The Conducting Master Class 2024 by Japanese German Philharmonic Society will be held in Saitama Arts Theatre, Northern Tokyo from May 3. to May 6. 2024. There are two divided courses for both beginners and Advanced Conductors. Lessons will be held with Piano (2, 4 Hands or 2 Pianos), Ensemble and Orchestra.

The Master Class offers young conductors the opportunity to work with experienced faculty and with professional chamber orchestra. The Master Class is open for each conductor for orchestra, brass band and chorus (no age limit).

It's also open for those who want to begin to study conducting. There are many essential instructions for orchestra conducting by experienced faculty.


The purpose of the Masterclass is to promote individual musical excellence and to develop and support conducting skills and talent. The participants will have the opportunities to rehearse with orchestra up to 40 minutes.

The Closing Concert will be hold by conductors, who participate both Course 1 and 2.



May 3. - May 6. 2024

  • Course 1   

May 3rd    9:30〜15:30 Lesson with Piano and Analysis

May 4th 9:30〜15:30 Lesson with Piano and Analysis

May 5th 9:30〜15:30 Lesson with Ensemble

May 6th  16:00〜18:30 Lesson with Orchestra

                19:00〜21:30 Closing Concert

  • Course 2  

May 3rd   16:00〜21:40 Lesson with Piano and Analysis

May 4th 16:00〜21:40 Lesson with Piano and Analysis

May 5th 16:00〜21:40  Lesson with Ensemble

May 6th 9:30〜12:00   Lesson with Orchestra

                 19:00〜21:30 Closing Concert


Prof. Simeon Pironkoff (Austria, Professor of Conducting at The University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Language: German, Italian, French, English, Bulgarian


Naoki Sugiyama (Japan) Language: Japanese, English, German


The Symphonic Academy Orchestra of Japanese German Philharmonic Society


  • Course 1 

J. Haydn "L'isola disabitata" (excerpts, only for opera conductors).

Beethoven Symphony No.9 d-Minor

J. Strauß "Emperor Waltz" Op. 437 (arr. Schoenberg)

Schoenberg "Transfigured Night" Op. 4 

(Each participant choose at least 2 peaces).

  • Course 2  

J. Haydn "L'isola disabitata" Overture

Beethoven Overture Leonore No. 3

Bruckner Symphony No.3 d-Minor (Oeser)

Bruckner Symphony No.6 A-Major (Haas)

J. Strauß "The Blue Danube Waltz" Op. 314

A. Webern "Langsamer Satz"

(Each participant choose at least 2 peaces).


  • Course 1   500 Euros

  • Course 2   650 Euros

  • Course 1+Course 2   950 Euros

  • Student of Music Universities  300 Euros for each Course

The Bank Account and the amount will be announced after application.

Applicants are requested to send, full name, nationality, age, short description of education about music (school, instruments, experience of conducting, teacher etc.). Use right hand form.

Simeon Pironkoff
Naoki Sugiyama
Recommendation for masterclass

Matija Fortuna, Mag. Art

Assistant conducting teacher at Zagreb Music Academy

Guest conductor in Croatian national theatre in Rijeka

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